To all my fellow T1D :)

I’m in my bed right now. In australia its 12.28am and I’m so tired but i can’t fall asleep. This happens almost every night, and you know what, I’m starting to get sick of it…

-if you have ever stopped taking care of yourself and then…

For me I don’t have many problems taking care of myself.  If its a day where I’m feeling particularly apathetic I stop checking my blood sugar but I’ll keep up appropriate injections and then I just check before I head to sleep.

For me its been relatively easy so far and I really haven’t been too thrown off from how I used to be.  

So, 4/20 was my 2nd anniversary of being a diagnosed diabetic.  Surprisingly enough, for me at any rate, it has improved my life in numerous ways.  Its definitely given me some structure in my life and caused me to take better care of myself.  

So far I find the disease to be fairly easily manageable.  I eat what I like, shoot up on insulin and exercise and I’m generally in a good state.  Of course I have bad days but I think that since I’ve been diagnosed I’ve had a higher percentage of good days than before.  

I would rather be able to eat however much I like whenever I like without having to worry about my blood sugar levels but I don’t know if anything else would have driven me into taking care of myself.  Anyways, its been a fine two years so far and hopefully the trend will continue.